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I am an SNHU Grad Student in my last semester finishing my Masters in Sports Management. My life revolves around sports and fitness and has so for a few years now. Like most, I played sports in high school and then life got in the way after. After a bad knee injury I got into MMA and competed some. I finished my bachelors and went on to do retail management but knew I wanted something different. I started my Masters program, quit my job and moved to Las Vegas for an internship with the UFC. Loved the internship and worked with a great company. I recently moved to Florida to manage a new gym. I would still like to work my way into pro sports field with my degree though. Oh and I am originally from Arkansas.

Practice makes perfect!…..Kind of

The sports industry might be one of the biggest industries to use social media.  Typically, you don’t see many sport teams or sport organizations using blogs; however, they use Twitter and Facebook like it’s going out of style.  Now, that’s … Continue reading

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Twitter…think before you Tweet!

Sports and social media seem like they were made for each other.  Every team, league, event, and most athletes are involved with it.  Each brand of the sports industry has gone to social media to interact with fans and give … Continue reading

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It’s hard to argue with sports stats!!

Who is really the best? Sports are all about statistics and determining who is the best.  Who is better Lebron or Jordan?  If Ali and Tyson were both in their prime in fought who would win?  Who is the best … Continue reading

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UFC KO’s Sports Industry via Social Media

Every industry has secrets about how to grab consumers.  Businesses always say it’s about three things: location, location and location.  Now, depending on what business you are in that is very true.  However, it seems that the sports industry has … Continue reading

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Social Media is where it’s at!

When you hear the words social media most people automatically think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.  However, there is so much more to it than just the popular ones.  In fact what you are reading right now is part … Continue reading

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