It’s hard to argue with sports stats!!

Who is really the best?

Sports are all about statistics and determining who is the best.  Who is better Lebron or Jordan?  If Ali and Tyson were both in their prime in fought who would win?  Who is the best QB of all time?  I could keep going with the questions, but you get the point.  Sports will typically use statistics to help answer these questions but how do you determine who is the best when it comes to sports and social media?  Again, this may all go back to statistics.

Athletes and Celebs Rule Social Media Apps

Before delving into measuring success, what is the sports industry using as far as social media to present itself?  Social media mobile apps are the way many of us get our news today.  Sports are entertainment and entertainment is the king of social media.  However, it seems that the sports industry is driven by different mobile apps then other industries. Every branch of business has a FB and a Twitter account but the sports industry is more driven with athletes personal accounts through Twitter and Instagram.

Just like actors and actresses, athletes are followed very closely by the public and media.  Athletes use social media apps as a way to communicate with fans.  If you look at any team FB or even Twitter account, there will be a large number of followers.   However, the star of that team almost always has more.  A great example of this is LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant.  Kobe has about 200K more followers then the Lakers themselves.  Twitter seems to be the most powerful mobile social media tool for the sports industry.  Athletes personal twitter accounts help fans to familiarize themselves with aspects of these athletes you don’t always see.  Plus, on athletes pages you get very raw and new information.  Typically if there is some sort of controversy a team or league will keep things under wraps but an athlete is always the first to let something slip.  A player is being traded, a fighter is being released, a player gets arrested…you can always find it on Twitter first.  Obviously, Twitter is enjoying the success by playing host to all the breaking news and because of it; it constantly gets new users just so they can follow their athletes.

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Now, it’s back to statistics.  How do we know who is winning as far as social media mobile apps?   You don’t need numbers to determine that Twitter is the most popular mobile app to follow athletes, teams, leagues, etc. on for up to date information.  So, who is winning in the sports industry?  I mentioned this in my previous blog but it seems that the UFC and its very popular president, Dana White, are on top of the mountain with no one else even close.  White may not be the youngest president in the sports industry but he runs his company as if the man was born and raised by social media applications.  If you want news on the UFC and MMA (and to be honest any sport) you should follow Dana White on Twitter.  This man is all about fan interaction and loves to talk about anything and everything.  He is truly the king of the sports industry when it comes to social media.  Ask him a legitimate question about something and be prepared…good chance you will get a response.

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I am an SNHU Grad Student in my last semester finishing my Masters in Sports Management. My life revolves around sports and fitness and has so for a few years now. Like most, I played sports in high school and then life got in the way after. After a bad knee injury I got into MMA and competed some. I finished my bachelors and went on to do retail management but knew I wanted something different. I started my Masters program, quit my job and moved to Las Vegas for an internship with the UFC. Loved the internship and worked with a great company. I recently moved to Florida to manage a new gym. I would still like to work my way into pro sports field with my degree though. Oh and I am originally from Arkansas.
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