Social Media is where it’s at!

When you hear the words social media most people automatically think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.  However, there is so much more to it than just the popular ones.  In fact what you are reading right now is part of social media.  Now, what is the best social media outlet and why?  If you want to go even deeper, what is the best social media for you?  Here is a brief break down of a couple so you can decide for yourself. 

Facebook is probably the most talked about and publicized social media platform out there. ranked it as the most popular social media outlet of 2013, with an estimated 750,000,000 visitors per month.  There is a reason for its growth and popularity over the years.  Facebook seems to focus on the ease of its use.  Anyone can figure out how to use this platform with very little knowledge of social media or even internet experience.  Another reason this platform is so popular is the amount of applications that come with it.  You can search and find friends and relatives and instantly message them using their messenger application.  This is just a simple tool to instantly have a conversation with someone.  This platform is like most of the others where it is an easy way to share thoughts, photos, ideas, and any portion of your life you want the entire world to be a part of.

Linkedin is ranked at the number three social media platform.  Linkedin’s tagline for itself is “World’s Largest Professional Network.”   This social media outlet launched in 2003 to help professional connect with each other as well as business.  Its users can posts their resumes and skills to better link with those who closely match their own abilities.  This is a great tool for those looking to connect with the right career opportunity.  This site helps to encourage its users to better themselves in their professional lives.  This site utilizes filing sharing of resumes, cover letters, letters of recommendation and anything else you can think of that is associated with career hunting.

A blog is a very valuable tool that you can obtain from one of many different social media sites.  Blogs can be any thought, idea or image related to a subject.  However, a blog is commonly thought of a story or written record of events.  A blog can also be information or thoughts on a subject typically in greater length than your typical social media post.  Many blogs are the story of peoples everyday lives, a somewhat online journal.  Many times, you will find names, places, or events have changed to protect the privacy of its users.  This is a great way to let out everyday feelings and thoughts. 


About nkinsl00

I am an SNHU Grad Student in my last semester finishing my Masters in Sports Management. My life revolves around sports and fitness and has so for a few years now. Like most, I played sports in high school and then life got in the way after. After a bad knee injury I got into MMA and competed some. I finished my bachelors and went on to do retail management but knew I wanted something different. I started my Masters program, quit my job and moved to Las Vegas for an internship with the UFC. Loved the internship and worked with a great company. I recently moved to Florida to manage a new gym. I would still like to work my way into pro sports field with my degree though. Oh and I am originally from Arkansas.
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2 Responses to Social Media is where it’s at!

  1. Sili says:

    Hi Nic! It’s funny but I rarely think of LinkedIn as part of my social media channels but it is a powerful tool that can be used to network, job hunt, etc. Do you use LinkedIn often? Or do you find yourself leaning more toward Facebook because it is more persona?

  2. jvanidestine says:

    Nic, You appear to be a huge proponent of social media. On a personal level I completely agree with your sentiment. But for someone like me who, until recently, has only blogged or instant messaged in the past I am finding that I am challenged to understand the implications, from a business perspective, that social media activity would be all positive. In fact, for small or local businesses, the only benefits may be indirect ( I agree that connecting and sharing ideas is a fantastic activity, but I am not so certain that, unless a small or local business carefully monitors and constantly engages in social media activity, their experience will be a positive one.

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