Practice makes perfect!…..Kind of

The sports industry might be one of the biggest industries to use social media.  Typically, you don’t see many sport teams or sport organizations using blogs; however, they use Twitter and Facebook like it’s going out of style.  Now, that’s not to say there aren’t thousands of “professional” sport blogs out their but just looking at teams and leagues specifically it’s all about Facebook and Twitter.  Twitter is really the sports industry’s go to outlet.  But, do they use good practices when using Twitter?   Well, it depends on what your definition of good is. 

One practice that the sports industry excels at is the “Keep it controversial” portion.  This is from Blogging Best Practices provided to our class from Dr. Myers.  If you look at team’s or leagues Twitter accounts you won’t see many controversial topics or posts; however, all you need to do is look at almost any professional athletes page and you hit the controversial jackpot.  I would highly recommend checking out’s top 50 most controversial tweets in sports history.  It is humorous, sad, and disgusting.  Prepare yourself for several emotions.  Obviously, these athletes went a little overboard on the controversial side.  However, you can’t say they didn’t create a buzz. 

The 50 Most Controversial Tweets in Sports History

Photo Credit: has a list of nine rules for Tweets.  One of them is keep it short.  On Twitter, you are limited to 140 characters.  This doesn’t seem like much but when rolling through your twitter feed, people easily lose interest in long drawn out Tweets.  In the sports industry, I have noticed that the longer the Tweet the bigger the controversy.  So it ties back into the previous portion.  Keep it short and maybe it won’t be so controversial that you commit career suicide.

“Provide a call to action” is another point made in our notes.  This is basically encouraging whoever reads your post to go and do something, whether it’s a comment or just to visit a site.  Athletes and sports figures are amazing at doing this.  Typically their posts get many comments or likes.  I have mentioned Mark Cuban before and he makes everyone really want to comment on his statuses especially when he goes after NBA officiating.  It’s even more enticing to comment when he makes it a regular habit to comment back to his followers.  I have also mentioned UFC president, Dana White, several times.  His tweets are often about fight decisions, referees, athletic commissions and so on.  He has mentioned several times that he wants fans to write letters to the governor of Nevada in order to help with the athletic commission.  I have a strong feeling that many people do so.  He is also like Cuban in that he responds to several followers’ comments.  However, don’t make him mad or he will call you out over Twitter.  The man is passionate about his company and sport, and apparently Tweeting. 

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I feel that our course and materials easily found online can really help to make blogs and posts better.  As far as the sports industry, they seem to be doing pretty much be practicing all of them and some of them a little too much! 



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Twitter…think before you Tweet!

Sports and social media seem like they were made for each other.  Every team, league, event, and most athletes are involved with it.  Each brand of the sports industry has gone to social media to interact with fans and give updates.  However, the athletes on social media are what really gets the majority of media attention.  Just like any other business these athletes put themselves at risk with social media but then again, the fans love it.


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Before social media, the only time teams or leagues had to worry about what their athletes said were during interviews, press conferences, etc.  Social media is a whole new outlet for an athlete.  Many times these athletes are able to connect more with the fans and help to create a better bonding experience with them and in turn it creates a greater fan base.  However; social media comes with just as many negatives and challenges as it does with positives. 

I Bet you wish you could take that Tweet back!

Anyone that follows sports has probably heard about the recent scandal with Miami Dolphins teammates Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin.  Incognito has can what only be described as violent immature slurs at Martin.  After a long period of hazing Martin could no longer take it and decided who could no longer be a part of the Miami program.  He went public about the issue and Incognito has now been suspended by the NFL for his actions.  Much of this hazing was done via text message and in person; however, a Tweet by Incognito from April seems to be linked to his feelings for his younger teammates. 

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That’s an Expensive Tweet!

Athletes are the only ones prone to voicing their opinion and getting in trouble for it through social media.  Mark Cuban is by far the most well-known owner of an NBA team.  He is the proud owner of the Dallas Mavericks.  Cuban is not your typical owner, he runs his team like a fan and supports them like one as well.  You won’t find him in an owner’s box but just feet from the court.  Cuban is passionate about his team just like any fan and he will let the entire world know how he feels about them and any game they play.  He is known for his outbursts of rage on the court during games, his no holds barred interviews, and especially his powerful social media voice.  This voice of his tends to get him in trouble however. On January 5th of 2013, Cuban was fined $50,000 for a Tweet he made after the Mavericks lost a home game.  Say what you want about the man but if all owners were as passionate and real fans like Cuban, the NBA would probably be much better.  I grew up a Mavericks fan and proud to say he is the owner of my team. 

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So, with social media you get to know these athletes and who they really are.  However, as we have seen by many examples we sometimes wish we didn’t know these people at all.  Now, some of those athletes or owners who use social media may get in trouble for what they say but many times they are just speaking what we all want to say, only they can get penalized for it.









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It’s hard to argue with sports stats!!

Who is really the best?

Sports are all about statistics and determining who is the best.  Who is better Lebron or Jordan?  If Ali and Tyson were both in their prime in fought who would win?  Who is the best QB of all time?  I could keep going with the questions, but you get the point.  Sports will typically use statistics to help answer these questions but how do you determine who is the best when it comes to sports and social media?  Again, this may all go back to statistics.

Athletes and Celebs Rule Social Media Apps

Before delving into measuring success, what is the sports industry using as far as social media to present itself?  Social media mobile apps are the way many of us get our news today.  Sports are entertainment and entertainment is the king of social media.  However, it seems that the sports industry is driven by different mobile apps then other industries. Every branch of business has a FB and a Twitter account but the sports industry is more driven with athletes personal accounts through Twitter and Instagram.

Just like actors and actresses, athletes are followed very closely by the public and media.  Athletes use social media apps as a way to communicate with fans.  If you look at any team FB or even Twitter account, there will be a large number of followers.   However, the star of that team almost always has more.  A great example of this is LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant.  Kobe has about 200K more followers then the Lakers themselves.  Twitter seems to be the most powerful mobile social media tool for the sports industry.  Athletes personal twitter accounts help fans to familiarize themselves with aspects of these athletes you don’t always see.  Plus, on athletes pages you get very raw and new information.  Typically if there is some sort of controversy a team or league will keep things under wraps but an athlete is always the first to let something slip.  A player is being traded, a fighter is being released, a player gets arrested…you can always find it on Twitter first.  Obviously, Twitter is enjoying the success by playing host to all the breaking news and because of it; it constantly gets new users just so they can follow their athletes.

Photo Credit:

Now, it’s back to statistics.  How do we know who is winning as far as social media mobile apps?   You don’t need numbers to determine that Twitter is the most popular mobile app to follow athletes, teams, leagues, etc. on for up to date information.  So, who is winning in the sports industry?  I mentioned this in my previous blog but it seems that the UFC and its very popular president, Dana White, are on top of the mountain with no one else even close.  White may not be the youngest president in the sports industry but he runs his company as if the man was born and raised by social media applications.  If you want news on the UFC and MMA (and to be honest any sport) you should follow Dana White on Twitter.  This man is all about fan interaction and loves to talk about anything and everything.  He is truly the king of the sports industry when it comes to social media.  Ask him a legitimate question about something and be prepared…good chance you will get a response.

Photo Credit: Dub Magazine



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UFC KO’s Sports Industry via Social Media

Every industry has secrets about how to grab consumers.  Businesses always say it’s about three things: location, location and location.  Now, depending on what business you are in that is very true.  However, it seems that the sports industry has its own three secrets: advertising, advertising and advertising.  According to Plunkett Research, the annual company spending for sports advertising is 31.5 billion dollars per year.  Sports continuously have companies wanting to market through them but how do the sports themselves market?  Obviously, they spend money just like everyone else to get the name out but it seems that their use of social media seems to be on the minds of most sports executives.  You can’t put a price on social media…or maybe you can.  It’s free!


Most wouldn’t think that sports would be that great at utilizing new advertising tools, but what the sports industry does is constantly feed in young employees.  The young employees are going to bring up social media without a doubt.  Social media is one of the best placing for advertising as well as just to have a page for a league, team, athlete, etc.  In 2012, Facebook reached $5 billion in revenues from advertising according to Plunkett Research.  Social Media is really about what everyone is getting for free so what is the sports industry doing to capitalize on free advertising?


One area of sports that is really leading the social media revolution is the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  Their Facebook account currently has over 11 million likes and its Twitter is boasting nearly 1.5 million followers.  The UFC’s Facebook account is embarrassing the numbers of the NFL, NHL and MLB.  How are they doing so well?  It’s all about fan interaction with the UFC.  The sport itself may not be the most popular but yet they are beating out leagues that have been around much longer than most of us have been alive. 


The UFC constantly posts about upcoming events, athletes, gyms, camps, interviews, etc.  They are utilizing social media in the best way.  They want to create that personal interaction with its fans instead of seeming like a business.  This is really led by one man, UFC President Dana White.  White is known for being very outspoken, loud as well as personable.  White currently has just over 2.6 million followers on twitter and the reason is he puts a lot of effort into connecting with fans.  White is not your typical company president.  You won’t see him wearing suits to the office or taking back entrances to events.  He is a fan of the sports and runs his company as a fan.  He knows that the fan experience is what sells tickets and merchandise.  He has taken this approach to social media.  He advertises in a way that is more like a friend sending a text message about a fight or a fan making an angry statement about an athlete not performing.  He pulls no punches and this is what makes this companies social media explode. 


The UFC seems to be king of social media as far as sports goes but how about the rest of the industry?  Leagues interaction on social media seems to be lacking that personal touch; however, the athletes themselves seem to bring enough personal touches to social media.  Now, this can be good and bad but let’s face the facts; social media is blowing up the sports industry in ways we never saw coming.

I highly suggest everyone watch this video of Dana White discussing social media. 




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Social Media is where it’s at!

When you hear the words social media most people automatically think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.  However, there is so much more to it than just the popular ones.  In fact what you are reading right now is part of social media.  Now, what is the best social media outlet and why?  If you want to go even deeper, what is the best social media for you?  Here is a brief break down of a couple so you can decide for yourself. 

Facebook is probably the most talked about and publicized social media platform out there. ranked it as the most popular social media outlet of 2013, with an estimated 750,000,000 visitors per month.  There is a reason for its growth and popularity over the years.  Facebook seems to focus on the ease of its use.  Anyone can figure out how to use this platform with very little knowledge of social media or even internet experience.  Another reason this platform is so popular is the amount of applications that come with it.  You can search and find friends and relatives and instantly message them using their messenger application.  This is just a simple tool to instantly have a conversation with someone.  This platform is like most of the others where it is an easy way to share thoughts, photos, ideas, and any portion of your life you want the entire world to be a part of.

Linkedin is ranked at the number three social media platform.  Linkedin’s tagline for itself is “World’s Largest Professional Network.”   This social media outlet launched in 2003 to help professional connect with each other as well as business.  Its users can posts their resumes and skills to better link with those who closely match their own abilities.  This is a great tool for those looking to connect with the right career opportunity.  This site helps to encourage its users to better themselves in their professional lives.  This site utilizes filing sharing of resumes, cover letters, letters of recommendation and anything else you can think of that is associated with career hunting.

A blog is a very valuable tool that you can obtain from one of many different social media sites.  Blogs can be any thought, idea or image related to a subject.  However, a blog is commonly thought of a story or written record of events.  A blog can also be information or thoughts on a subject typically in greater length than your typical social media post.  Many blogs are the story of peoples everyday lives, a somewhat online journal.  Many times, you will find names, places, or events have changed to protect the privacy of its users.  This is a great way to let out everyday feelings and thoughts. 

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